Introduction to Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD)


Introduction to Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders, a 2hr training video you’ll have immediate access to after online payment. Please check your email for the link to view video.

Bailey Jackson, LCSW Assistant Director of the FASD Clinic at The Florida Center for Early Childhood
Jennifer Werden, BA Parent Advocate for FASD The Florida Center for Early Childhood

It is not uncommon for a person with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) to have been diagnosed with a different developmental disability or mental health condition. There are various overlapping symptoms; however, the approach to these students/children/clients differs based on the etiology of the symptoms. While there are techniques that may address the behavioral and learning needs of individuals with other diagnoses, these same techniques may not prove effective and may even exacerbate the difficulties of student/child/client with FAS/FASD. This presentation will help the attendee identify red flags and signs which may indicate that a child may have brain-based difficulties as a result of prenatal alcohol exposure. This presentation will also help attendees shift their perspective in order to begin to view social/emotional problems, difficult behaviors, and learning challenges of these individuals as a symptom of brain dysfunction and not willful defiance and opposition. The Florida Center for Early Childhood operates the only FASD Diagnostic Clinic in the State of Florida!

Takeaways: -Learn what FASD is and how it is often misdiagnosed. -Learn how FASD impacts brain development and behaviors. -Learn to identify FASD red-flags. -Gain a shift in perspective about those with social/emotional problems, difficult behaviors, or learning challenges.

This FASD training was recorded Feb. 2, 2022

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